Advanced training needs analysis

The challenge of choosing the right training

You already know how important it is to invest in training your work force. And you are aware that your company's human capital is one of its most valuable assets. But how well qualified are your employees? What kind of training do they need? What measures are required to face current and future challenges? These are the kind of questions you need to be asking if you want to ensure your company is fit to face the future.

Discovering where you stand

The most important aspect of the Advanced Training Needs Analysis offered by DNV GL's Maritime Academy is an evaluation of where your employees currently stand in terms of  competence. It is particularly important to discover any gaps in their knowledge and skills. After all, your company will be much better prepared to face present and future challenges if your employees are suitably trained. Having identified your employees' current and future training requirements in a first phase, we compare them with the training measures already in place or planned in a second phase. In the final phase we draw up a strategic training plan that is tailored to your company's needs.

Why conduct an Advanced Training Needs Analysis with DNV GL's Maritime Academy?

The advantage of our Advanced Training Needs Analysis is that you not only benefit from DNV GL's many years of experience in the maritime industry but also from our newly acquired expertise in the oil and gas and renewables industries. You also profit from the experience we have gained in offering training services for more than a decade. Our training portfolio in our core competence sectors is unmatched in its breadth and depth and our global network of training managers can offer training courses in more than 80 countries around the world. So wherever your company is located, we are there to help you evaluate where you stand, analyse your future training requirements and recommend necessary measures or content for advanced training. After the analysis has been conducted, courses and training may be provided by any suitable training institute or, as a more convenient alternative, you can receive a customized offer from DNV GL's Maritime Academy.

Five simple steps to a more informed future

Five simple steps are all it takes to complete an Advanced Training Needs: Analysis:

Advanced training needs analysis

Your benefits - at a glance
  • Better return on your training expenditure
  • A clear idea of appropriate trainings to invest in
  • Recommendations for relevant seminars, provided by DNV GL's Maritime Academy or another training institute
  • Support for a process of continuous improvement in further training

To find out more about conducting an Advanced Training Needs Analysis at your company, simply get in touch with us here.